a short hiatus
KORTNEY WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?? well, you see, i’ve made a decision, and you may already know from the content of my blog, or even if you know me irl and how i’ve complained about it for the past month. but this decision is something that requires me to basically “clean out my blog.” i’m taking this hiatus for most of this month most likely, just so i can take some time and revamp everything. i’ll be working out what content i want to post and how i want to keep up with this blog. when i return, expect some kind of url change. i think this url has run its course, and i’ll be changing to something new. not sure yet, but i’ll know soon. my ask box will be open the entire time i’m gone, so if you have more questions or just want to chat, i’ll be there. and i also have a queue running so i won't be completely silent. happy blogging! :)

bad wolf